Nicole spent over a decade guiding Silicon Valley organizations in making smart hiring decisions and developing passionate teams. Most recently she worked in Learning and Development at Google where she ran wellbeing retreats for senior women leaders in peaceful locations outside the corporate boardroom. 

Throughout her career, she watched friends, colleagues and clients share stories of burnout and self-judgement, and after years of go-go-go, Nicole hit a wall herself. She took a leave from work to focus on her mental and physical wellbeing, and to reevaluate priorities in her own life. Her research into various methods of increasing happiness, developing self-awareness, studying mental strength, and going on joy-filled adventures has culminated into a fierce desire to share knowledge and practices with other women who are searching for more. More peace. More authentic connection. More delight. More self-compassion and self-love.

As a lifelong lover of travel, Nicole is passionate about artfully melding the excitement (and potential apprehension) of exploring new places with meaningful learning opportunities.
In 2020 she’ll visit India, Costa Rica, Arizona, Thailand, and Switzerland in continuing studies on yoga, mindful self-compassion and meditation.

When not getting more stamps in her passport, she enjoys baking macarons, practicing calligraphy and spending time with her one husband, two kids and three cats.

Tentacles and Tea: the tasting menu of wellbeing retreat experiences