The Experiences

We anticipate launching in the second half of 2020. More details, including dates, are coming, but below are general descriptions of retreats we are planning. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of updates. Each Experience will include self-compassion, mindfulness and gratitude practices, joyful activities, and an element of giving back.

Animal Adventures
Bay Area, California

Think goat yoga and equus coaching (experiential learning with horses) alongside our self-compassion and connection workshops.

Foodie Journey
Bay Area, California

We’ll spend time on our self-compassion and connection workshops and enjoy activities like a farm-to-table food tour, learning to make chocolate truffles or French macarons, visiting a distillery or winery, and meeting the cows, goats and sheep responsible for tasty Bay Area cheeses.

European Nature
Zurich Area

Details coming soon (we’re going on our scouting trip in May!). This adventure will likely include time in the beauty that is Switzerland, cheese and chocolate tasting and spa activities.

Very Merry Christmas
Bay Area, California

If you shake your head at the holiday displays in stores in September or think Christmas tunes are only appropriate post Thanksgiving, this is not the experience for you.

We’ll have a week filled with merry goodness, starting off on day one, aka “Thanksgiving,” cooking up a turkey feast and sharing some gratitude. The rest of the week will include our signature self-compassion and connection workshops, mixed with activities like baking and decorating sugar cookies and gingerbread houses, crafting stockings, wearing comfy pajamas and watching Christmas movies.

Silicon Valley
Bay Area, California

Have you ever wondered if Google really has free food and places to nap? Or wanted to take a picture for Instagram in front of Instagram’s headquarters? #inception Or dreamt of practicing yoga on a tech campus led by a Director who also happens to be a yoga teacher?

Join us for a tour of some of Silicon Valley’s household names and see what these tech companies are doing in terms of wellbeing for their own employees. Along with our signature self-compassion and connection workshops, you’ll learn about Google’s #iamremarkable campaign and how to confidently articulate why YOU are remarkable.

(Want to be a featured company, or have a dream company you’d like to visit? Drop us a note.)

Global offerings

Experience ultimate relaxation with this rejuvenating, renewing (any more “r” words we could use here?) week. This will be time for you to slow down, breathe and reflect. Perhaps a Korean scrub one day and a Turkish bathhouse the next. A mud bath followed by an ayurvedic massage. A sensory deprivation tank visit in the morning and a facial in the afternoon. 

If you’re looking to complement the inner work you’ll be doing (our self-compassion, mindfulness and gratitude practices) with physical body kindness and spa treatments, this is an Experience you’ll love.


Tentacles and Tea was created for people who crave opportunities to increase wellbeing, expand community and discover more about themselves—people who are willing to be brave and vulnerable, to explore new ways of building resilience and happiness, and participate in genuine conversations. This is your time to foster authentic connection, to spend time on personal growth, and to be seen, while indulging in blissful, nurturing activities.



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Tentacles and Tea: the tasting menu of wellbeing retreat experiences